Herkimer Diamond Ring, Natural Quartz, Clear Crystal Ring | Sterling Silver Herkimer Ring

$ 68.00

Raw, natural Herkimer quartz diamond ring, gold fill band, gold fill rivet.

Please read this entire description, there is important information!

-Herkimer Diamonds (really quartz), are only found in Herkimer, New York! We hand select stones and carefully forge this ring using a rivet method to show off the stone.

-We will need:

-Your ring size (please be sure!). We do charge a fee for resizing (if the error is not on our part).

**The photo is just an example of ready-made rings already sold. In order to get one in the size of your choosing, we will make a brand new one just for you. It will look very similar to ones shown, but may differ slightly in clarity, size and incorporated flaws (this is a good thing, you're getting one-of-a-kind!). Please let us know if you have a preference. We are always adding stones to our collection from trustworthy suppliers, but again the selection depends on what they have available, so if you have any questions about availability or preference, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please note, these rings are very sturdy. However, due to the nature of the rivet that holds the stone in place, some movement of the stone is expected after a bit of time. Metal relaxes and loosens as the warmth from our hands works with it. This is why your favorite sterling ring you wear everyday ends up looking so lopsided over time! If your stone movement bothers you, please return the ring to us and we'll tighten it for free. If it is freely spinning, it is either damaged or been worn so long and needs to be repaired. We are happy to work with you!